co-able Fitness


What is co-able Fitness?

We are an NDIS allied health gym in Port Adelaide that accommodates members of all abilities. At our core, we embrace a comprehensive perspective on health and wellness, striving to establish an all-encompassing and encouraging environment where everybody with any body can prioritise their well-being.

Who owns co-able Fitness?

Shane Hryhorec, a wheelchair user since 2007, is the founder and creator of co-able Fitness and a passionate advocate for people living with disabilities. His vision across all his businesses is to provide individuals with disabilities with a high standard of service, access and equipment with both enhanced designs and functionality.

What makes co-able Fitness different from other gyms?

co-able Fitness is a wellness gym that was built with inclusivity and accessibility as a focus from the very start. No adjustments or adaptations need to be made to equipment, so people with disability don't need to feel like an inconvenience or burden when going to the gym.

co-able Fitness is a warm, inviting and calming space that prioritises well-being and community spirit. Our goal is to provide an inspiring, rejuvenating, sensory wellness experience that embraces everyone without judgement or expectation.

How do I join co-able Fitness?

Anyone is welcome to submit a membership application, and a member of our team will contact you within 72 hours with the next steps.

co-able Fitness


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