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co-able Fitness… where the journey towards wellness transcends barriers, embracing every individual's unique path to health and vitality.

The story of co-able Fitness began with Shane Hryhorec—the visionary founder of Push Mobility, co-able and CONFESSION—whose personal journey inspired the creation of this inclusive wellness hub. Following an accident that altered his life’s trajectory, Shane experienced the challenges of finding a fitness space where he felt truly comfortable, welcomed and supported with his disability—where he was truly accepted for who he was now.

Shane Hryhorec, co-able Fitness founder

Traditional gyms, tailored primarily for able-bodied individuals, often lacked the warmth and accessibility needed for those with varying abilities, and so, determined to find a solution that embraced and supported everyone, the idea for co-able Fitness was born. 

The goal was to create a space that was more than just a gym but a wellness sanctuary designed to break down barriers and foster an experience that warmly welcomes and nurtures individuals of all abilities. co-able Fitness embodies all of these qualities, and we believe in the power of inclusivity—in every sense of the word. 

We’re proud to be a holistic gym that supports those on NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), and our ethos centres on creating a rejuvenating, inspiring, true sensory experience—radiating a spirit of wellness that resonates and connects with each visitor. 

We define our environment as fluid and one that celebrates and supports every body type, shape, fitness level, and physical ability. Here, diversity is both welcomed and accepted, and whether you’re navigating life with or without a disability, we invite you to join our community—where your journey to wellness is embraced, encouraged and nurtured.

Welcome to co-able Fitness—a space for everybody with ANY BODY.


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